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Caterpillar Cat 3406 3406C 3406E Engine Workshop Service Repair and Parts Factory manual

About a hundred years . 5 ago, vapor tractors were utilized once the biggest device in farming development. These huge tractors worked great in most areas of the usa, except for way-out West. The soft planet out in Ca wasn't fast enough for the tractors to your workplace on, in addition they kept sinking. Various work-arounds had been built to you will need to encourage them to work, but not one had been cost-effective or appropriate. This altered in 1904, when Benjamin Holt came up with the brilliant idea to change the wheels with a track system. This track program is really what provided Caterpillar its title, as the unique ways the devices moved had been often versus caterpillars. This product quickly became the hot items for Ben's team, the Holt production providers.

Holt Manufacturing team performed really, but additionally have a stronger competition: C. L. Top Tractor. Both firms prospered in the early 1900's because of the World War I, but business dropped drastically following the war. In 1925, the two leaders joined so that you can resolve both of their particular monetary issues. The brand new team title had been considering Ben Holt's infamous design, and Caterpillar with a capital "C" was officially produced.

This merger was not quite enough to boost funds, however. The first huge step in healing is that Caterpillar started creating diesel motors, which premiered in 1931. The next larger action ended up being a focus on creating and production construction equipment. The time could not were more perfect, as there was a construction boom after globe War II that caused the organization huge success this is certainly however showing.

After Caterpillar totally overran the construction marketplace, the company began branching out in the belated the main 1900's. They started building vehicle machines both for on- and off-highway programs, and joined the worldwide market. In 2008,upcoming environmental standards caused them to exit the on-highway diesel system markets, which had only ever before trigger a small portion of their purchases anyway.
Caterpillar first began producing the 3406E in 1993. It absolutely was the final the 3406 model system, along with its forerunner becoming the 3406C. Rumor possess it that Caterpillar skipped the "D" within the series, because their particular advertising and marketing department remarked that there have been way too many negatives that may be linked to the page "D." In series, the A and B are completely mechanical, therefore the C is mainly mechanical with an electrically-controlled gas pump, with respect to the season it was created. The age ended up being 1st effective completely electronic engine.

And man, is it effective. The 3406E ended up being one of the better motors that Caterpillar produced. They usually have the reliability that elderly, technical motors has, but additionally possess great things about becoming a power engine. It also helps they are a pre-emissions motor, which is preferred by many people that drive and work with these heavy duty diesel motors, but outlawed in condition of California.

The 3406E didn't last until the newer millennium, though.; its last year of manufacturing had been 1999. It absolutely was changed by the C15, that was similar in components and horse power. You certainly will frequently see, like on our site, the same component will fit the 3406E, C15, and C15 ACERT. You should nevertheless continually be careful when purchasing parts, but and make certain you receive components with the correct part quantity.

3406E's can be bought usually in Peterbilt and Freightliner cars.

Regarding failure, the 3406E is truly decent, especially when compared with other Caterpillar engines. However, as with any engines, they nevertheless have their particular dilemmas.

In 3406E's with a 5EK motor serial quantity, there was clearly a pretty bad and widespread crankshaft damage difficulties. Some 5EK's had been created from a bad casting, causing the crankshaft to split most commonly at journals 1 and 6. In the place of issue a recall, Caterpillar taken care of the crankshaft difficulties as they emerged, and contains become very good about changing the faulty ones whenever an issue are reported.

The 3406E's are also known to need pretty bad oils leaks, specially from rear structures and flywheel housing. Part of the problem is that Caterpillar used thin gaskets. This was fixed whenever system enhanced to the C15, and seals replaced gaskets, along with a brand new block build. The 3406E's need holes inside block as an optional way to examine oils levels, that are stoppered with rubber plugs. After a few years, this rubber will solidify, that may trigger oils leakages also.

There is no denying that Caterpillar did a pretty darn good task with production of the section for the 3406E (the components they made, about). However, when an OEM moves on to produce more machines, aftermarket firms come in to improve on styles and produce direct replacement components that compliment perfectly when you look at the system.

The pistons we offer when it comes to 3406E all has forged steel crowns. Forged parts are a lot stronger plus trustworthy than throw areas. Forged parts posses a uniform grain movement that conforms to your shape of the part, additionally the directional whole grain circulation adds energy. This power and dependability is particularly essential in pistons, since they are the heart of the system and also have intense demands apply them.

Some improvements become less about build plus about items supplying. For example, we can offer things we call a pin and roller kit. Pins and rollers were rocker arm components that put with time. Whenever these components need to be replaced, Caterpillar will sell you a complete rocker supply to restore all of them. While this is beneficial, they gets pricey if you have 18 of these in an engine. Pin and roller kits are anything best aftermarket businesses will sell you when it comes to 3406E and, if you do not absolutely need to restore the complete rocker supply, these two components are you may need when a roller try worn. While they create time to a replacement, they may be able save hundreds of bucks.

Caterpillar is a United States-based producer of commercial and heavy equipment motors, motors and section. The 3406 type of engines is made for use in heavier boats and will be properly used alone as an individual engine, or perhaps in teams to come up with large-scale levels of energy. It may be commonly found in large yachts, cruise lines and cargo transportation vessels.

Motor Specifications

Within core associated with 3406's energy generation is an inline six-cylinder, four-stroke diesel motor. With a standard displacement of 893 cubic ins, it really is designed with a 5.4-inch bore and 6.5-inch stroke. An onboard turbocharger assists provide continuous power on engine's maximum motor rate of 1,500 RPM. Caterpillar recommends altering the oils at every 250-hour period.
Energy Generation Requirements

Attached to the turbo-diesel motor may be the power generator, which makes use of a permanent magnet with four poles and a single bearing. A three-phase voltage-regulator is put in onboard that senses both volts and hertz. The generator was attached beside the system in a sizable steel framework with meta cross-supports. Under 92-percent system load, the generator outputs the equivalent of 313.8 horse power.
Standard Equipment

The system and generator set include many standard functions, like a coolant system, fatigue system, lube system and instrument panel. The engine's air intake try plated with a corrosion-resistant coating and it has an integrated air conditioning filter. A gear-drive sea water pump, expansion container, and oil coolers for transmission and system serve as the core elements the engine's coolant system. Engine providers can examine operating parameters, such oils force and motor temperatures, and manipulate some options utilising the instrument panel.
Size and body weight

The 3406 features an overall total dried out weight of 6,819 lbs with no motor add-ons set up. Measuring through the end for the system on end regarding the flywheel housing, along the engine try 117.28 ins whilst the overall width try 39.22 inches. It has a complete level that steps off to 58.04 inches. The connection of motor accessories available from Caterpillar, such as for example a different sort of transmission, can slightly enhance the size and body weight for the generator set.

Caterpillar background include expansion into multiple international areas following war. During the early 1950s pet machines aided to construct a 10.5 mile superhighway that considerably facilitated transport through Andes Mountains in Venezuela. In 1953 the Indian federal government purchased 93 CAT machines to assist in the nation's path development work. CAT machines in addition contributed on conclusion of event web sites the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. CAT also provided products to be used within the many environmentally challenging places in the field, as evidenced through pet machines by the U.S. military during procedure frost nova III in Antarctica within the second the main ten years.
Proceeded Gains through Acquisition

And enhancing and increasing its production efforts over time, Caterpillar records is showcased by a procedure of gains through a series of acquisitions. In 1965 pet expanded its forklift line through the acquisition associated with coach, Ohio-based Towmotor Corporation. In 1981 CAT made a foray into the realm of professional gasoline turbines by getting the solar and turbomach divisions of Global Harvester organization. Important intercontinental acquisitions consist of Perkins brief, a United Kingdom producer of smaller diesel machines in 1998, and MWM Holding GmbH, a German producer of gasoline and diesel-powered generator units this season.

Caterpillar have a list of some 400 services and products for purchase through its dealer system. Caterpillar's distinct machines consist of tracked tractors to hydraulic excavators, backhoe loaders, engine graders, off-highway vehicles, wheel loaders, agricultural tractors and locomotives. Caterpillar machinery is used when you look at the building, road-building, mining, forestry, power, transport and material-handling companies.
Caterpillar may be the earth's largest manufacturer of wheel loaders. The medium size (MWL) and large size (LWL) are made at their particular Aurora, Illinois premises. Medium wheel loaders become produced at: Aurora, Illinois; Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan; Gosselies, Charleroi, Belgium; Piracicaba, therefore Paulo, Brazil; Asia together with individuals Republic of China. Large wheel loaders is produced exclusively in the us on three split construction outlines at Aurora, Illinois.

Caterpillar started offering a line of on-road trucks last year, the Cat CT660, a course 8 vocational truck. Since March 2016, Caterpillar has actually stopped creation of on-highway vocational vehicles saying that "Remaining a viable rival inside marketplace would need big additional investment to build up and introduce a complete portfolio of trucks, and upon an updated review, we determined there was clearly perhaps not a sufficient markets opportunity to justify the financial investment," stated Ramin Younessi, vice-president with duty for Caterpillar's Industrial Power techniques Division. "we now have not however started vehicle production in Victoria, and this choice allows us to exit this business before the change does occur."

Some of Caterpillar's business is in the production of diesel and gas motors and gasoline turbines which, besides their use within their very own cars, are utilized since the prime movers in locomotives, semi vehicles, marine vessels and boats, also providing the energy source for peak-load energy flowers and crisis generators.

Caterpillar 3116 engine was used-up until 1997, when Caterpillar introduced the inline 6 cylinder 7.2 litre Caterpillar 3126 engine as its first digital diesel system for lighter trucks and buses. Caterpillar diminished emissions and sound the following season within the 3126B form of the engine, and improved emissions more in 2002 utilizing the 3126E which have an improved high-pressure oil pump and improved electronic devices. In 2003 Caterpillar started promoting a new type of this motor known as the C7 to fulfill enhanced united states of america emission specifications that arrived to effect in 2004; it have equivalent overall build given that 3126 variation, however with enhanced gas injectors and electronic devices which included its brand-new Advanced Combustion Emissions decrease Technology (ACERT) program. In 2007, as ultra-low-sulfur diesel became needed in united states, Caterpillar up-to-date the C7 to make use of typical train fuel injectors and improved ACERT electronics.

In June 2008, Caterpillar launched it would be leaving the on-highway diesel engine marketplace in america before updated 2010 U.S. ecological cover department (EPA) emission guidelines took impact, as pricey modifications on motors, which just constituted half the normal commission of Caterpillar's total engine sales, could be likely.

In October 2010, Caterpillar established it would pick German engine-manufacturer MWM GmbH from 3i for 0 million.
Caterpillar Protection Services And Products

The Caterpillar Defence items subsidiary, headquartered in Shrewsbury, United Kingdom, provides diesel machines, automated transmissions along with other components when it comes to British's Titan armored bridge level, Trojan fight engineering container, Terrier overcome manufacturing vehicles, and tank transporters; the Romanian MLI-84 armored personnel provider while the Swiss Piranha III light armored car, which is increasingly being created to be used by United states light armored structures; huge fleets of armed forces trucks in both the U.S. and UK; additionally the CV90 group of infantry combat cars used by the armies of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark.

This division furthermore produces both propulsion motors and energy generation techniques toward naval shipbuilding markets, including the Series 3512B turbocharged V-12 diesel system for United states Virginia class nuclear submarines. Caterpillar diesel engines may utilized in San Antonio class amphibious transportation docks, Spanish Alvaro de Bazn course frigates, British lake lessons patrol vessels, Mexican Sierra lessons patrol ships, and Malaysian Kedah course MEKO A-100 offshore patrol vessels. Poor people network security of the Caterpillar engines puts The united states's submarine force at an increased risk for cyberattack. In a current meeting on cybersecurity, the Navy clarified that Caterpillar really has some of the very most safe control methods and you will be made use of as a model of how the Navy will artwork cyber protections into their control techniques.
IDF Caterpillar D9 armored bulldozer

Israel buys bulldozers for the Israel security Forces (IDF) from Caterpillar through U.S. authorities foreign-aid profit their particular civilian setup. The army customizations plus the installment of vehicle armor tend to be done totally in Israel because of the IDF and Israeli security contractors (Israel Military sectors and Israel Aerospace companies). The IDF makes use of numerous Caterpillar machines including bulldozers, excavators, wheel loaders and graders mainly for manufacturing, earthworks and creating tasks. Probably the most greatest machine in use because of the IDF's overcome manufacturing Corps could be the heavy IDF Caterpillar D9 armored bulldozer, that will be getting used also for fight engineering and fight missions under fire.

The Israel security Forces' utilization of very altered Caterpillar D9 bulldozers possess led to Caterpillar becoming criticized by activists plus some investors. Particularly, the IDF Caterpillar D9 is involved in an event in 2003, in which the US activist Rachel Corrie was killed by a bulldozer. A lawsuit against Caterpillar by the lady household and categories of Palestinians, who have been additionally killed by Caterpillar equipment, had been unsuccessful. A lawsuit against Israel and Israeli protection Ministry had been declined because of the courtroom, ruling that this lady demise ended up being an accident, brought on by restricted area of see from the greatly armored providers' cabin. In 2014 Presbyterian Church (American) offered their shares in Caterpillar citing the application of Caterpillar bulldozers involved with demolition and surveillance strategies inside western lender.

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3406EÃâ�s can be found most often in Peterbilt and Freightliner vehicles. Common Caterpillar 3406E Failures. In terms of failure, the 3406E is actually pretty good, especially compared to some other Caterpillar engines. However, like all engines, they still had their issues.

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The CAT 3406 is a high horsepower heavy duty diesel engine used to power a wide variety of off highway heavy equipment including bulldozers, scrapers, graders, haul trucks, dump trucks and much more for various industrial applications such as mining, drilling, oilfield, agricultural, forestry and construction all around the world.

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The item you are looking at is a used Caterpillar CAT 3406B (PEEC) Diesel Truck Engine Service Manual. Item is in good condition. Normal Wear and Tear from use. Item is sold as is. Not the manual you ...

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For your largest power needs in any environment, Cat ÃÂ 3406C Industrial Diesel Engines offer the unsurpassed performance and durability your customers need to keep their industrial applications and operations running. They deliver high power output, proven reliability and excellent fuel efficiency.

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