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3zz-fe Toyota engine workshop manual download digital and repair manual


The 3ZZ-FE is a 1.6 L (1,598 cc) engine unit built in Japan. It is found in the Toyota Corolla Altis which is sold in Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan (as SE Saloon) and Taiwan; and in the Toyota Corolla sedan sold in Sri Lanka. In South Africa, the motor can be found in the RunX 160 and Corolla 160.

The entire exterior design and chassis is the same as the American Corolla. Bore and stroke is 79 mm × 81.5 mm (3.11 in × 3.21 in). Max. output is 109 hp (81 kW; 111 PS) at 6,000 rpm. Max. torque is 150 N⋅m (111 lb⋅ft) at 3,800 rpm. Features SMP pistons v/s Toyota made in 1ZZ-FE engine. The preferred engine oil is 5W30 API grade SL/SM.


Toyota Corolla (Europe & Middle East, 109 hp (81 kW; 111 PS))
Toyota Corolla Altis (Asian, 110 hp (82 kW; 112 PS))
Toyota Corolla RunX 160 (South African, 108 hp (81 kW; 109 PS) @ 6000 and 146 Nm @ 4400)
Toyota Corolla XLi (Brazil, 110 hp (82 kW; 112 PS))
Toyota Avensis (Europe, 109 hp (81 kW; 111 PS))

The Toyota Corolla try a line of subcompact and lightweight vehicles made by Toyota. Introduced in 1966, the Corolla was the best-selling car all over the world by 1974 and it has already been one of many best-selling vehicles on the planet since that time. In 1997, the Corolla became a attempting to sell nameplate in the field, surpassing the Volkswagen Beetle. Toyota achieved the milestone of 44 million Corollas offered over twelve generations in 2016. The show has encountered a number of significant redesigns.

Title Corolla is a component of Toyota's naming custom of using brands produced from the Toyota Crown for sedans, with "corolla" Latin for "smaller crown". The Corolla is without question unique in Japan to Toyota Corolla Store places, and stated in Japan with a twin, labeled as the Toyota Sprinter until 2000. From 2006 to 2018 in Japan and far of the world, and because 2018 in Taiwan, the hatchback companion is labeled as the Toyota Auris.

Early products are mostly rear-wheel drive, while later systems were front-wheel drive. Four-wheel push models are also produced. The Corolla's traditional rivals were the Nissan Sunny, launched similar season due to the fact Corolla in Japan plus the subsequent Honda Civic and Mitsubishi Lancer. The Corolla's chassis designation rule is "E", as described in Toyota's framework and motor codes.

In Japan, the Corolla has long been exclusive towards Japanese retail business chain known as Toyota Corolla Store, that was formerly established in 1961, known as Toyota people shop, promoting the Toyota Publica. A badge engineered version known as the Sprinter is launched across the same time once the Corolla in Japan, and offered through another Toyota Japan dealership marketing station recognized since 1966 as Toyota automobile Store.

There were several systems over time, like the Corolla Ceres (and close Sprinter Marino) hardtop, Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno activities coups and hatchbacks, as well as the Corolla FX hatchback, which became the Corolla RunX, as the Sprinter became the Allex, using the introduction associated with ZZE128 Corolla. The RunX and Allex is changed because of the Auris in 2006 (known just as Corolla in areas outside Japan, Europe and South Africa). A luxury form of the Auris setup with V6 motors is shortly marketed at Japanese Toyota dealerships Toyota shop and Toyopet shop areas once the knife, which was discontinued in 2012.

A concise MPV called the Corolla Verso has additionally been released in European markets. Its Japanese equivalent could be the Corolla Spacio, that has been discontinued since the tenth generation. The Corolla Rumion can be marketed when you look at the US-market while the Scion xB.

The Corolla Matrix, better-known just as the Matrix, shares the E120 and E140 platforms, and it is considered the hatchback/sport wagon equivalent of us Corolla sedan, since the European/Australasian Corolla hatchback is not marketed here. Toyota usually combines the sales numbers associated with the Corolla sedan and Matrix. The Pontiac Vibe, which is the General Motors badged type of the Matrix, shares the Corolla system. The Pontiac Vibe was shipped from Fremont, California, towards the Japanese marketplace in which it was marketed whilst the Toyota Voltz.

Over several years, there were rebadged models regarding the Corolla, offered by General Motors, such as the Holden Nova in Australia during early 1990s, plus the Sprinter-based Chevrolet Nova, Chevrolet Prizm, and Geo Prizm (in america). The Corolla liftback (TE72) of Toyota Australian Continent is badged as simply the T-18. The five-door liftback is marketed utilizing the Corolla Seca name in Australia while the nameplate survived on consecutive five-door designs.

The Daihatsu Charmant ended up being created from the E30 towards the E70 series.

The Tercel was a front wheel drive car, initially launched in 1980 at Japanese Toyota dealerships known as Toyota Corolla Store, and was called the Corolla Tercel then, and later offered its very own title in 1984. The Tercel system has also been used for the Corolla II hatchback in Japan.

The Toyota Corolla (E120/E130) is the ninth generation of lightweight cars marketed by Toyota underneath the Corolla nameplate. In Japan, this show appeared towards the markets in August 2000; but exports had been typically maybe not reached until 2001 and 2002 with respect to the marketplace.

The sedan and place wagon appeared first-in August 2000, followed by the five-door hatchback in January 2001, and Europe-only three-door hatchback in 2002. Toyota supplemented the original styling with an edgier, hatchback-only styling cures from 2002. Sedans and wagons marketed in Japan followed an innovative new front-end design in 2004, although this variation did not usually attain export areas. In other Asian areas additionally the Americas, the ninth generation Corolla (sedan and wagon best) had unique front side and back styling therapy with moderate news within the design's production run.

The E120/E130 supplied a lengthier 2,600 mm (100 in) wheelbase. It really is built on a shortened Vista V50 platform---the Vista becoming a mid-sized, in the place of a concise vehicles. From being marketed as reasonably limited compact sedan, to an inexpensive hatchback, the ninth generation Corolla had been designed as a "global" vehicle to accommodate different market needs. This is among Toyota's more flexible and a lot of preferred brands ever before produced.

The Corolla has also produced another multi-purpose car, the Matrix (E130), marketed in Canada, Mexico as well as the united states of america, which types the foundation of Pontiac Vibe, which was consequently marketed in Japan once the Toyota Voltz.

The E120 series was changed by the E140 or E150 show in late 2006 or early 2007 nevertheless E120 continued to be stated in China until 2017.
The Japanese markets, trim values for the Corolla Sedan had been X Assista Package (Base), X, grams, and Luxel. In 2003, 1.5-liter 4WD sedans were provided in the Japanese markets.

The facility wagon design is called the Corolla Fielder in Japan as well as the five-door hatch is known as the Corolla RunX, establishing in 2001. The Toyota Allex try a five-door hatchback that replaced the Sprinter sedan, a badge engineered type of the Corolla RunX. The Allex ended up being unique to Toyota Vista shop locations, and marketed next to the will most likely VS, even though the Corolla RunX is exclusive to Toyota Corolla Store areas.

JDM Corolla RunX trim levels become: RunX X (1500 cc 1NZFE engine), RunX S (1800 cc 1ZZFE engine) & RunX Z and RunX Z Aero (1800 cc 2ZZGE engine).

The first two of three JDM Allex trim levels weren't differentiated with an artistic badge, but supplied close solutions towards RunX utilizing the base design featuring the 1500 cc 1NZFE system, the center range featuring the 1800 cc 1ZZFE system & the Allex RS180 featuring the 1800 cc 2ZZGE motor. Allex products provided another type of colour range & had small styling differences toward RunX, such for example the vinyl trim above the license plate location being chrome as opposed to body colour like regarding RunX. Internal fabric patterns also differed through the RunX.

All RunX & Allex products featured abdominal muscles & driver/passenger airbags and all auto windows & tinted back glass as standard.

The RunX X & Allex (base) designs showcased 14" steel rims with recommended alloys, recommended side, front & back skirting, automated or handbook gearbox options, & handbook A/C.

RunX S & Allex (mid number) brands showcased 15" metallic wheels with optional 16" alloys, recommended side, front side & rear skirting, automatic or manual gearbox choices, optional front fog lamps, manual or automated weather influenced A/C.

RunX Z, Z Aero & Allex RS180 brands featured 15" metallic wheels or optional 16" alloys, optional (but mainly purchased as standard) side, front & back skirting & automated environment influenced A/C as traditional. These products provided a supplementary 4 speed tiptronic automated or 6 speed guide transmission, opposing other lineup.

The Corolla Spacio (Verso in European countries) shifted into the new system, with later products adding a third row of fold-down sitting in the back. The Corolla sedan sold in Japan additionally differed slightly than one other areas with a somewhat various headlamp and taillamp design.

The E120 Corolla sold in Australia had been readily available as a sedan, truck and five-door hatchback (Seca). Trim values supplied are the Ascent, Ascent recreation, Conquest, Levin, and Ultima. A small number of products had been built-in Southern Africa, utilizing the superior Sportivo (hatchback only) built exclusively in South Africa. South African-built Corollas will bring an automobile recognition quantity starting with A; Japanese-made examples need a VIN you start with J. The Sportivo had been powered by the 2ZZ-GE engine and a six-speed manual gearbox, although the various other versions had the 1ZZ-FE. Small changes in 2004 included the grille and replacing the headlights with a "tear drop" type. The Sportivo ended up being discontinued in Australian Continent from 2006 as a result of prohibitive outlay associated with changing the motor to adhere to Euro IV emissions.
2003--2004 Corolla Sportivo 5-door (Australia)

All of those other brands had their particular system energy and torque reduced with October 2005 production from 100 to 93 kW (134 to 125 hp) and from 171 to 161 Nm (126 to 119 lbft) to adhere to Euro IV. From May 2006, the Ascent and Ascent recreation brands had been enhanced with standard front power microsoft windows and passenger atmosphere bag, while the Conquest designs had ABS as standard. The gear improvements were not put on the truck, which stopped manufacturing in August 2006.

An upmarket version of the ninth generation Corolla, dubbed the Corolla Altis, is manufactured and marketed in region eg Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. They debuted in middle 2001 as a more impressive plus luxurious variant for the Japanese Corolla, featuring special inside and exterior panels that separates they from the standard Corolla. The Corolla Altis try targeted at consumers which favor even more comfort versus standard Corolla but do not wish to choose the even more luxurious Camry. Two variations of engines can be found: the 81 kW (110 bhp), 1.6 L 3ZZ-FE motor and 100 kW (134 bhp), 1.8 L 1ZZ-FE system, both with VVT-i tech.

In 2004, the Corolla Altis got their earliest facelift. Adjustment feature a unique grille build, a sleeker front side bumper, redesigned fog lamps, latest Light-emitting Diode end lights, various alloy rims and lesser interior updates (automobile environment controls became a standard feature in budget variants). Two years later on, to keep up along with its newer rivals, the Corolla Altis obtained their 2nd facelift. Outside adjustment add another redesigned grille, redesigned chrome rear permit dish ornament, a fresh third LED braking system light, and brand-new sound switches in the controls. A fresh aerokit and brand new wing mirrors with alert indicators (similar to the 2007 Camry) can be acquired as an optional package in Malaysia.

A decreased end variation of Corolla Altis is also labeled whilst the Toyota Limo, featuring reduced spec and intended for taxi business in Thailand. It is really not is confused with the low end taxi version of the Toyota Vios that will be also known as Toyota Limo in Indonesia.

In Malaysia, the Corolla Altis is launched in late 2002. Particularly in Malaysia the brands offered had end lights being just like the designs which are marketed outside Asia and Southeast Asia. They features three-round insets for end lights rather than the standard single round inset found in more Asian markets. They certainly were later changed with the standard solitary round insets. Both the 1.6 L and 1.8 L versions had been offered in Malaysia.

In Singapore, Toyota's exclusive authorised dealership Borneo engines originally sold the Japanese type of the Corolla, but later changed they using Corolla Altis in 2004 with 1.6L and 1.8L variants in automated transmissions only. The 1.8L model offered optitron screen the speedometer clusters, rain sensors and a zig-zag automated gearshift design over the 1.6L design.

In terms of item lifespan (production lasted for seven years) and number of products marketed, the Corolla Altis easily outlived their Corolla predecessors, rendering it the hottest Corolla generation in Southeast Asia.

The ninth generation Corolla had been marketed in Asia once the Corolla EX through Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co. Ltd. alongside the newer tenth-generation Corolla. It was also called the (Hua Guan) that will be a direct interpretation of 'Corolla' (top of this flower) in Mandarin Chinese. Three trim level were available namely: Value, superiority & style. The quality and Elegance versions had been supplied with a 5-speed guide or a 4-speed automatic gearbox even though the benefits version was only obtainable in handbook transmission. The Corolla EX ended up being running on a 1ZR-FE double VVT-i motor. An electric variation is produced labeled as the Ranz EV because of the automative marque labeled as Ranz which was possessed by Sichuan FAW Toyota engine. The production of the Corolla EX commenced in February 2004 and finished on 17 February 2017 after a 13-year run.

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