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Jeep Wrangler NV3550 manual gearbox repair manual download

The NV3550 is a medium-duty, 5-speed, constant mesh, fully synchronized manual transmission. The transmission is available in two and four-wheel drive configurations.
The gear case consists of two aluminum housings and a removable clutch housing. The clutch housing is not an integral part of the transmission.
Roller bearings and needle bearings are used in the transmission. The transmission gears all rotate on caged type needle bearings. Roller bearings are used to support the input, output and counter shafts.
The transmission has a single shaft shift mecha­nism with three shift forks all mounted on the shaft. The shaft is supported in the front and rear housings by bushings and one linear ball bearing. Internal shift components consist of the forks, shaft, shift lever socket and detent components. The drain plug is located in the bottom of the transmission and fill plug is on the left side. The driver selects a particular gear by moving the shift lever to the desired gear position. This move­ment moves the internal transmission shift compo­nents to begin the shift sequence. As the shift lever moves the selected shift rail, the shift fork attached to that rail begins to move. The fork is positioned in a groove in the outer circumference of the synchro­nizer sleeve. As the shift fork moves the synchronizer sleeve, the synchronizer begins to speed-up or slow down the selected gear (depending on whether we are up-shifting or down-shifting). The synchronizer does this by having the synchronizer hub splined to the mainshaft, or the countershaft in some cases, and moving the blocker ring into contact with the gear'sfriction cone. As the blocker ring and friction cone come together, the gear speed is brought up or down to the speed of the synchronizer.
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